Help Ukrainian children

Since the beginning of May ASWU cooperates with a volunteer organization in Ukraine called Help Ukrainian Children.

Pasha and Nina who are the founders of this organization we know in person, and we admire how dedicated to their mission they are.

Nina is originally from Mariupol. Together with Pasha they were working, living, and raising their daughter in Kyiv. Knowing and deeply empathizing with the tragedy in Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities, they decided they will do their best to help the mothers with small children, as the most vulnerable ones.

At first, they concentrated on delivering humanitarian aid to 3 hubs in Ukraine, where the refugees from Mariupol were temporarily accommodated - in Aleksandria (Kyiv region), in Zaporizhzhia, and in Odesa.

Now they are working with direct requests from mothers with children who suffered from the war. They are providing mothers with all the necessary things for their children.

We want our little Ukrainians to be safe, happy, and healthy.

Dear #heroesofourhearts! Let's try doing something good for Ukrainian children, let’s try to bring up a smile to their faces and make their lives better.

If you have a possibility to help, we kindly ask you to refer to the list in the gallery. You can bring the things for children and babies to one of our hubs:

- Bösendorferstrasse 1/1/18-19, 1010 Vienna, Mon-Fri 10-18

- Nussbaumgasse 1-3/4, 2326 Maria Lanzendorf, Daily 8-20

send them per post or order on Amazon (using our amazon-list for example).

You may also donate to ASWU account using the reference HUC (help Ukrainian children).

We appreciate your help!