Caritas x ASWU

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with Caritas, allowing our supporters in Austria to benefit from a tax refund.

From November 2022, you can choose one additional option how to donate for our charity initiatives, the ASWU account at Caritas. Use following details to support us via bank transfer (QR code available):

ASWU | Caritas donate qr

IBAN: AT47 2011 1890 8900 0000 Reference: KV 830.104

What are the benefits for our donors?

The Austrian tax system recognizes an important function of organizations such as Caritas and their partners in deal with emergency situations. It created a possibility to obtain tax advantages for donations. Donors can claim their donations from the tax office and receive a partial cash refund. This means that all individuals or companies that pay taxes in Austria will receive back part of their donation to an aid organization commiserated to their tax rate. For example: If you donate 100 euros, you will receive approximately 36.5 euros back from the state in the case of a tax rate of 36.5%. As part of the cooperation, Caritas ensures that your data is sent directly to the tax office, so that you no longer need to go to the tax office yourself. Caritas requires first and last names according to the registration form (Meldezettel) and your date of birth.

Your benefit is also our duty. Stand with Ukraine.

Sincerely yours, Caritas x ASWU

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